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Don’t you crave a healthy relationship with your child, where he or she cooperates with you without you screaming , yelling or joining the chaos?

But many traditional discipline techniques work on control , some bit of aggression and fear based parenting for example Coercive methods like punishment -verbal, physical, bullying, threats and rewards seem like woking in the short term but not for the reasons you think. 

Aggressive disciplining techniques – verbal or physical are based on fear which create anxiety and mistrust. And make KIDS behave better because they are scared. The worst part is that this leverages your love, somewhere telling your child that your love is conditional on his or her  behaviour.

Your child learns to perceive that you love them when they’re good but not when they’re bad.

I am telling YOU that there is a mindful way to discipline your children where there is trust and not fear. That is disciplining with a kind heart without crushing your child’s spirit.

And that’s what I am teaching in the following CHALLENGE.


That Make Kids Want to Cooperate

5 DAY CHALLENGE -5 days 5 Sessions

-Practical Learning Training with solutions and a chance to practice with workable tools given for parents of children 01- – 12 years of age.

-The challenge includes 30 minutes daily – total 150 minutes of training with exercises and activities on zoom online from. 14- 18 June at 6 pm everyday for five days where each day a new parenting secret will be revealed and solutions and tricks will given as a challenge for parents to complete for the next day.

What all will you learn ?

  • Mindful ways to handle behaviour problems
  • Making children cooperate with out Threats or Punishment
  • Banishing shame and guilt parenting
  • Motivating kids to develop an inner moral compass

Price: Rs. 9999/-

Value Price : RS. 499/- only Month Of June 2021

BONUS 1 : Free Entry into a VIPMindful Parents Tribe

BONUS 2: 20 minutes one to one counselling telephonic counselling for five winners

BONUS 3: Free E- BOOK on Mindful Parenting for all parents

Register Before June 14 2021 to unlock BONUS 3


” Lots of great ideas to incorporate into family life. The parenting secrets – tricks and tips of mindfulness practice and attention were so practical. We have a calmer house now thanks to this wonderful challenge and parenting training we got.” Deepak and Gayatri

“I thought this parenting challenge was fantastic and Saakshi’s in-depth knowledge helped with such practical advice for using mindfulness daily with our kids. I feel like we all need a daily reminder of how to slow down and take in our surroundings. The challenge idea was amazing ,as we went back home everyday to practice the secrets”. Abha Malhotra

“My house is much more calm now , as this challenge made me internalise and reminding me often to not yell and scream and use the secrets taught” Megha Gupta

“All five days brought new secrets and taught us how to use them to discipline without using aggression. I am using all the secrets and my children are happier and I feel I calm as disciplining has becoming easier.”

I am so happy you’re here! Why?

Because it means you’re committed to digging beneath the surface , to find out how  mindful, gentle , calm parenting and learn the secrets to make your home happier and relationships stronger.

You are awesome!


Child Development & Parenting Expert


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Spanking isn’t the right way to discipline !
It only stresses our relationship with our child!

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