I am slowly stepping down from that High Horse, the parent in me has been riding!

We are forever wanting to teach our kids ...something or the other.The problem is just because we are older , we parents  sometimes feel we are in a position of authority to put down our opinions about life and how it should be lived ...as rules. Rules which should get redundant because times, exposure and [...]

Dear New Generation!

It’s amazing and very heartening to know you from such close quarters Dear New Generation! Though it’s always said that every new generation is pretty much the same, the onlookers like us who have crossed that path and are standing on the other side…..people who have lived half their lives feel and know it’s not [...]

Another 6th May…Birthdays make us come alive, Don’t they?

Another 6th MAY, another year...many have flown by, 19 to be precise. What happened on the night of 6th MAY in 1999 changed my life forever. My heart learnt to walk outside my body. It's been wandering ever since and has forgotten to keep still, it's gotten used to experiencing emotions which are no less [...]

When did the clothes become pink or blue for our babies?

#Unstereotype please....please,  is what our girls have been screaming for centuries. But only few seem to be listening. Looking around, we can clearly see the divide in our homes and outside, in our advertising, apparel stores, toy shops, movies , books .....sadly everywhere is where we can see this very dumb notion of Pink & [...]