When did the clothes become pink or blue for our babies?

#Unstereotype please....please,  is what our girls have been screaming for centuries. But only few seem to be listening. Looking around, we can clearly see the divide in our homes and outside, in our advertising, apparel stores, toy shops, movies , books .....sadly everywhere is where we can see this very dumb notion of Pink & …

Wish rape culture dies a sudden death ….and never raises its head ever again!

I couldn't sleep yesterday after reading  a  heart rendering article by Mitali Saran "Statutory warning: Countries with such low levels of humanity could die". She talked about humanity dying and our country being very very sick. Feelings of regret overtook me as I had purposefully avoided reading the detailed news on Kathua and Unnao rape cases …

Step By Step school’s heart is beating for all it’s kids! 

What is happening to India's Media ? ..TRP's are what is ruling our world today. Another incorrect reporting,another case sensationalised all for making news stick for the wrong reasons. This time the unfortunate incident at one of the best schools in NCR triggers yet again the insensitivity of the news making machinery which is in …

Another School Shooting …Our heart misses a beat yet again!

MARCH 25th March for our Lives!


Another school shooting!

17 dead and many other survivors living with horrific memories of seeing their friends being shot down so callously…….over nothing!

Florida school shooting is a reminder of what’s wrong with our world today and how we adults are continuously failing our children …..both the ones who are killing and the others who are being killed. Sadly not all homes and schools are a safe heaven for their kids. Many mental health problems are a little too often,  a by product of unhappy and frustrated lives, not so good parenting and  broken homes.And tragedies like school shootings are somewhat predictable because they are most often coupled with mental health issues and easy access to guns.

There were loads of red flags which were ignored in this case too. Cruz, the Parkland shooter is an orphan who was abusive to his adoptive single mother, was booked before for cruelty towards animals…

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