Do Museum Visits suck?(it’s all in your head)

Someone long ago thought of the concept of Museums. Thanks to him /or her, we have thousands of Museums around the world for everything and anything. Puppet Museums, Textile Museums, Natural History Museums, Science Museums, Art and Design Museums, Transport Museums, Umbrella Museums, Holocaust Memorial Museums, Doll Museums, Wax Museums, Toy Museums etc.  And then, [...]

Awesome Power of Story Telling …yet again & Me loving my role as a Story Teller !

Awesome Power of Story Telling …yet again & Me loving my role as a Story Teller !

8th September 2016-International Literacy Day Pratham Books One Day One Book Initiative! WWhat a beautiful day as always with Children so eager to learn. Counting my blessings  as always for the opportunities I have to connect through stories. Am surprised by the Awesome Power of Story Telling every time I tell a Good Story! Arefa Tehsin's "The Elephant [...]

What is your Parenting Style ?

Stimulating Minds recently hosted a Creative Parenting Session in Ludhiana discussing parenting styles. The session stressed upon the  use of creative parenting methods and Sisterhood of Motherhood to together bring up innovative and thinking Future Generations!What is your PARENTING STYLE ? Check out the following PARENTING STYLES and introspect on your own style ... We don't [...]

What all can we and should we give to our children beyond the obvious?

Education and freedom to choose what they want to do with it A childhood that teaches Environmental Consciousness Awareness of the Life & Nature Around Them Opportunities to hypothise, experiment and problem solve Also letting them to get bored and being fine with boredom sometimes . Letting them involve themselves in unstructured play. Exposing them to [...]

To a daughter from Mom with Love!

How often do I sit with you my daughter, with you being actually present , There are things you have, which always seem more important. The phone texting continues with friends and snapchat is more dearer, You seem to have no time for me, now that you are a teenager. I can't reach you sometimes [...]

Are we stressing ourselves and our kids to memorize things that don’t really matter?

Most of us think that having a good memory is a trait that's outside of our control. But good memory is a skill and learning how to improve it can help you become a more creative and  innovative.The first step is changing the way you  think about your memory. Your memory isn't designed to remember [...]