What every Entrepreneur can learn from Kids.

When you’re pondering about what it takes to be an entrepreneur, don’t overlook the business savvy of kids. They aren’t always consciously striving to climb the ladder of success. However, the journey from toddler to teen leaves a trail of tested developmental data. Here we feature the 8 areas of ‘kids’ mindsets: #1 – Negotiations [...]

Young Adult Literature- Are you aware what your children are reading?

"Pretty Little Liars "is the most happening book series for teens, hugely popular in U.S and catching up fast in India. BUT DO YOU KNOW WHAT IT IS ALL ABOUT. Please don't go by the label- "Young Adult Book Series". Read the book review before you buy it for "YOUR TEENAGER". BOOK REVIEW Parents need to [...]

Are you “A Teacher or THE TEACHER” who makes a Difference?

Teachers have awesome power, a power that eludes the most affluent and influential people in the world. The power you have as a teacher of shaping the future of coming generations is not available with the Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft, Managing Director of Google or the President of United States. They have immense power [...]