Saluting Motilal Nehru Sports School land what it stands for even today in this Tech Heavy World!

Teacher Sensitisation Programme@Motilal Nehru School of Sports, Rai – November, 27th 2015: Extremely Enthusiastic, Keen to learn ,VERY Committed Teachers and an Extremely Fruitful Session. A very successful Teacher Sensitisation training at Motilal Nehru Sports School, Rai. What a beautiful school! A school which has helped many children become National level players. A school untouched by I Pads and X Boxes. World class […]


What is your Parenting Style ?

Stimulating Minds recently hosted a Creative Parenting Session in Ludhiana discussing parenting styles. The session stressed upon the  use of creative parenting methods and Sisterhood of Motherhood to together bring up innovative and thinking Future Generations!What is your PARENTING STYLE ? Check out the following PARENTING STYLES and introspect on your own style … We don’t […]


Tribute to Awesome Power of Love Teachers have! An attempt to Sensitise teachers to use this power well!

Teacher Sensitisation Programme@O.P Jindal Model School. Hissar- October 24th 2015: Extremely Enthusiastic batch and an Extremely Fruitful Session Learnings Every Child needs a Champion- An Adult who believes in him or her.Each one of us should be able to boast of being one to each child in our class. Thematic Instruction is powerful as it guides teachers to be innovative, makes […]