Heartstrings held tight… for ever and ever!

I am a Child Development Expert, an entrepreneur and a mother of two strong willed young adults, one small furry ball and a new baby called Lilsakos. My work and my children have always been a great source of learning  for me. I am on a happy adventure of seeing  this beautiful world unfold heart warming  stories of my parenting misses and hits and my experiences with many teaching communities.Being a parent,trainer and researcher has helped me gather experiences over the years which in turn inspired me to start this blog. Awesome Power of Love is a collection of thoughts, insights and some parenting & teaching wisdom which I have celebrated and imbibed over the years. Parenting is loads of fun, a lot of heartache, full of moments of ecstasy and a terrible headache at different times for all of us. But our heartstrings are held tight by our children forever. This is my way of documenting my life experiences and immortalizing many parenting and educating memories for me !

Saakshi Kapoor Singla

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One thought on “Heartstrings held tight… for ever and ever!

  1. Parenting is a blessing.It makes a man and a woman complete.Every child is a best teacher to his her parents.Its the child only who teaches his/her parents how to handle him/her.Every child is different.So far so even from their brother or a sister.

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