are your kids your zen masters?

This pandemic seems to be in no mood to stop but we still wake up with hope everyday , to hear the good news that death didn’t knock on any doors last night. But Alas! The virus is taking it’s time and with it, in it’s stride trying hard to crush our spirits and mental health.

Amidst all this chaos, I am  sitting and reminiscing my children’s childhood today and writing this to make you parents see what simplifying childhood means and how we all need to do it to protect our children’s Mental Health. Now more than ever in these pandemic times.

My kids were my tiny, two-feet-tall Zen Masters when they were young. And I am convinced they were sent to slow me down. To make me appreciate the bugs, the butterflies, look for dinosaur tracks in our garden, counting and observing the fallen leaves and fibonacci patterns in nature, celebrating each festival with vigour with stories and dress ups and performances that came with such celebrations.

My kids used to let me in their imaginary worlds where they sometimes became Thomas the engine, other times little superman and super girl had capes which were towels tied on their backs. Then there were times when they took me to Hogwarts and did many magic tricks on me. AND What a privilege it was to be included in their imaginary world. 

AND NOW YET AGAIN, I seem to have got this privilege back as my college going , living in faraway lands – kids are back here with us having the same sibling squabbles, filling my house with cheer and laughter , they are sitting in nothingness, feeling rested in their souls and my eyes are full of tears & heart full of gratitude!

In a culture that glorifies busyness, it is a radical act to choose less over more, to prioritise slowness over productivity, to surrender to being present for life’s small inconsequential ordinary moments. Slowing down feeds our souls and nurtures our families and no matter what parenting style we choose , this pandemic has brought some huge gains. Its’ connected us more deeply with our kids and family. Protect your children’s Mental Health by taking each day as it is, let their imaginations soar and un busy their minds and let them be your Zen masters who will take into imaginary worlds. Let them take in their stride this new life.

And put your intention in thinking if you are practicing enough gratitude daily and teaching them to do so same . If not do it like me , journal gratitude you feel during this lockdown time. Take pictures, catch the uncut version of this slow life , a life which is happy to be un busy, that isn’t running and is making us revel in human connection, look at our family’s rested spirits….. all the things that matter most in our lives!

Saakshi Singla

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