let’s not lockdown our minds – corona times

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I believe we should raise kids with big caring hearts and strong minds. Corona virus times will be testament of how so many lives changed from running after things, being busy and locking our minds in mindless race to succeed , to be the best , to judge others , to find faults in others and being in a perpetual state of lockdown of things that really don’t matter in the long run. Corana virus has in one jolt made the entire human race to think of their survival something which we have been taking for granted. Mental health is being hit all over the world. To stay in a lockdown can play games with our minds and hence it is important to keep the focus on things that matter – family , love and caring for our mother earth. Below given in the slide show are some ways we can all keep our sanity intact.

Saakshi Kapoor Singla

Scared I am too , but I won’t let that make me let it get me!

I plan make this time count too !

I believe we should raise kids with big caring hearts and strong minds.

What about you?

corona times : hysterical or well – informed?


This is a New Reality. Like all of you I have been following up and seeing how the world has changed and is changing rapidly in front of our eyes. Some people I felt , minded my breaking the Instagram with Corona posts much earlier than others.

Writing this post to tell you , why I started earlier than many in reading the science and the math behind the Coronavirus Pandemic, which was coined as an epidemic as per WHO just three weeks ago. My daughter studies in Italy ……something which most people felt was the epitome of living your best life as a student. Life has changed since then. We have received calls , messages from friends, relatives, acquaintances to check on her welfare . And also had neighbours peep from safety of their home windows to see our kids return from their colleges.

They say , we understand better when our home and immediate sphere of influence is affected. It’s human psyche and thankfully so ..to be positive and to think that shit happens … yes but to other people, happens at far away places and we are good. Three weeks and we aren’t sure anymore because numbers don’t lie and closing our eyes are not going to take them away.

Do the math- 172 countries out of 195 are infected. Number of infections – Week 1 , Week 2, Week 3 are looking the same all over the world and also the same if you make sure we look at the recoveries too. So what is important Is to stay on the top of it by upping our immunity, washing our hands, social distancing and keeping in. Chinese didn’t take these precautions in the first month, Italians didn’t take it seriously till it hit them bad, Iran was taken by sursprise, US closed it’s eyes thinking, they can’t be hit and starting testing late.Our country is waking up now like UK, Germany, Demark, Sweden, Australia and the many others.

Hysterical or well- informed? What are you ?

Stay Safe. WHO has been continuously saying , it’s better to worry and act even IF you think if it is a hype instead of being under prepared. Treat it like hysteria and then cure your hysteria with facts and read from reliable sources to become well-informed…because this is the only way.

*Do your Math , check the news, read the details on what surfaces remain infected longer and which disinfectants should be used and how, check information about which countries have contained it better and learn from the mistakes of the ones who got it wrong.

*When you follow the news of infections, also follow the number of recoveries. Follow the stories of Hope too as human spirit in China, Italy, Spain and many other countries… has risen to the occasion.

*Share Necessary, Useful and Verified Information. Don’t spread Panic and Rumours.

*When you read the WhatsApp messages of despair and panic , also look for the news about how our Earth is rejoicing. Nature is reclaiming it’s waters and also it’s land . Venice canals have swans fluttering around, Dolphins have come to say hi to us on the coasts, deers are roaming on our roads, the air pollution is on a all time low and our earth is breathing better.

See the links below . These are some Stories of Hope we all need at this time. Do check them out!

This mother and baby group are bringing smiles to faces of elderly residents at a care home in Gloucestershire in the UK.  
The videos replace the usual face-to-face contact the pensioners and toddlers usually have, that’s now restricted due to the coronavirus pandemic. (Via BBC Gloucestershirebbc.in/CoronavirusLatest
The Italian Spirit in All It’s Glory , An Italian Freddy Mercury Fan
Spirit Of Italy