For The Mothers of Pulwama Martyrs

Life is unpredictable, they say!
But lives taken away so soon and for what?
By a suicide bomber, who must have been a dead man walking for some time for sure!
Actioned by people whose hearts have been dead for years…brainwashing others to die and kill ….Why God Why?

With you, we are Pulwama Mothers in your grief but we don’t have an answer for you?
Why you , why your kids , why them …when all they do, is stay far away from their homes with danger lurking around them forever …… to keep us safe so that we can look after our own kids day in and day out.

The explosion left almost nothing in one piece is what the reports are saying. When your children wrapped in our Tiranga will reach back home tomorrow ….they might be unidentifiable and heartbreaking feeling of loss will unveil for you again… Why God Why?

Saluting you and your brave kids, Mothers of Pulwama Martyrs.
Wish we had the courage to send our own to the front line!

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