I am slowly stepping down from that High Horse, the parent in me has been riding!

We are forever wanting to teach our kids …something or the other.The problem is just because we are older , we parents  sometimes feel we are in a position of authority to put down our opinions about life and how it should be lived …as rules. Rules which should get redundant because times, exposure and understandings have changed.

This works till our kids are in environments which are comfortable spaces for us.. places where we have grown. And then a time comes when it stops working. We  come down from that high chair of  knowing more than them. We start seeing that our understanding of the world around us has limitations too… but we resist as our position of authority keeps making us feel otherwise.We keep believing wholeheartedly in our own version of our story and it’s righteousness. We sometimes forget , everything has changed … the characters , the plot , the circumstances, the exposure.The protagonists  now are different. Though they come from us and we have created them …..our kids have grown up into their own people who are writing their own stories on the face of the earth. And we are watching and sometimes judging and comparing their stories with ours.And when we listen more and step down from that high horse we have been riding which made us feel that we know it better since we have clocked in more years on this planet……we grow as people and parents.

It is good to see their self assured , very straight forward versions and it makes me sigh with the satisfaction of fulfilling my legacy of what I had set out to do with my parenting… freeing my kids go much further than us. Becoming people who are seeing and experiencing life from their own eyes, ears and their own understandings.

The opportunity to see another way of living and getting advise on our work and life from our kids gives us parents a huge high….Glad I have reached there thanks to my children who very often show me the other side and keep making me step out of my very old shoes. The pressure of teaching them and doing everything right for them is gone. The current scenario has changed. My kids are teaching me everyday and they don’t judge and nudge and are more patient. And I am loving it!

Keep pushing me my children, keep making me want to grow, step out from my comfort zone and to hopefully become a more interesting version of me.

Let’s all, let our kids force us to step down from that Silly  Slow High Horse we have been riding!






  1. Aakriti Kantor

    Generation these days are very smart and balanced ,
    Also they respect the trust and freedom we give them ,
    They are our guiding force we learn so much through their vision and the exposure they have .
    Wishing them wisdom and vision to guide them always to the desired direction .

  2. Sumati

    Very true. As children grow we get a healthy dose of reverse parenting every now and then. What a treat that is!! Lovely to see them with a mind of their own.

  3. Saakshi Kapoor Singla

    Beautifully written Sakshi . Reading your article made me realise that I am continuing to do the same thing till now ! Me knows the best and right for you 😗 . Yes , we have to hand over the torch to them now and be safe and happy in the feeling that the 2 feet we made them stand on , firm and secure , will guide them to their destination , designed and conceived by them 😀.
    Minakshi Goel

  4. Raj Nandini

    Agree with you, Saakshi.
    Well informed and equipped with a decision making mind, their thoughts and their approach to deal a situations are logical and practical. Every passing day further consolidates my belief that a child learns best from HIS/HER OWN failures than following rules from a parent’s rule book.
    Is it my parenting OR is it also the community he has grown in doing all the wonders? Whatever it may be, it surely makes me feel proud. Its time I should step down from that Silly Slow Horse that I am riding on.

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