I don’t have the brakes in my feet and steering wheel in my hands anymore!

I don’t have the brakes in my feet and steering wheel in my hands anymore!

Parenting is TOUGH and BITTERSWEET in all it's stages. But what is the toughest part of being a parent? Many would argue child birth and seeing their kids going through pain..something on which they have no control on. And that's what I thought till I took my kids ... okay not kids- my young adults for [...]

” Boys Will Be Boys ” “Girls Poor Girls”


“Boys will be Boys “and “Girls poor Girls ” are the longest withstanding cliche’s that we know of in our world…Stereotypes that we resented when we were growing up and stereotypes that our kids resent when they have grown up enough to make sense of the above two phrases.”Boys will Be Boys ” cliche has for centuries absolved men from many wrong doings and it’s time to stop that and make them accountable too. ” Girls are Girls …poor girls “cliche has stopped the women from going after their dreams for far too long, and given them also a reason to not work hard enough … Again for far too too long!

Times are changing , so is the world around us , there are a few strong and sensitive leaders , both men and women who are emerging and breaking the cliches , giving us and our children a…

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I am slowly stepping down from that High Horse, the parent in me has been riding!

We are forever wanting to teach our kids ...something or the other.The problem is just because we are older , we parents  sometimes feel we are in a position of authority to put down our opinions about life and how it should be lived ...as rules. Rules which should get redundant because times, exposure and [...]