Dear New Generation!

It’s amazing and very heartening to know you from such close quarters Dear New Generation!

Though it’s always said that every new generation is pretty much the same, the onlookers like us who have crossed that path and are standing on the other side…..people who have lived half their lives feel and know it’s not the same. We lived different lives …many of us were not limited in our thoughts in our progressive homes but a lot of us also grew up with more stereotypes, less knowledge & exposure and little understanding of lives and stories of other lands.

But this new generation is made of another mettle….their are boundless, fearless and very very authentic. They are full of confidence, never shying away from change , putting themselves out in the world, standing for their beliefs and doing whatever they wish to do. What all are they doing? Travelling, being part of things that matter,  directing plays, inspiring others with their beautiful writings, being activists against gun violence, learning new skills, skills which didnt cross our minds when we were young, climbing mountains both literally and figuratively getting on those large hoops, seeing the world from a different perspective than ours.

Why I am so mushy mushy today?  It’s that time of the year, Summer time. Love is flowing in the air. Kids are back home for their vacations, our homes are full of their friends and a lot more chittar chatter. Grandparents are bright eyed again, our dogs tails are wagging continuously and we parents are happy to get yet another chance to see what this new generation is upto. So so settled in their new lives…some experimenting with new courses , beaming with confidence enjoying their independence. Many others who have had some awesome experiences and have seen a lot more of the world in one college session…. than our first 20 years all put together.

And they inspire….by their sheer will to do more with their lives and being their very very unique selves.

Bless you Dear New Generation, break all the barriers and go further than we ever could have ever imagined!

May the force be with you!

One Comment

  1. Sumati

    Heartening to see the younger generation all set to make their mark in the world. We look forward to a better world brought to us by the ones we have so laboriously brought up. Hope we have done a good job!!

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