Another 6th May…Birthdays make us come alive, Don’t they?

Another 6th MAY, another year…many have flown by, 19 to be precise.

What happened on the night of 6th MAY in 1999 changed my life forever. My heart learnt to walk outside my body. It’s been wandering ever since and has forgotten to keep still, it’s gotten used to experiencing emotions which are no less than thunderbolts… sometimes peaking  and bringing unimaginable happiness and other times filling my heart with dreadful oceans full of anxiety and worries.

Memories of Nineteen years in slow motion are dancing in front of my eyes today again on this sweet sweet May Day. Our children’s Birthdays are special , they remind us to be more alive, urging us to let the emotions flow, go wild for once , for one day. One time once every year in our life, nothing else matters……only thing that remains is the consciousness that our  hearts should be full of Gratitude. Gratitude of getting a chance of seeing and feeling this ultimate expression of love.

Can life get better than this?

Sending blessings for my daughter…a very resilient and courageous girl whose belief and strength in her convictions surprises me and her dad often, someone who keeps going on always, who when falls… gets up to beat the blues even harder, who has turned out to be an awesome person, a complete original specimen and a unique being,

A Note for you dearest Daughter… With Love ,

How much love ? Hmmmm….. at least a few Thames full!

Screen Shot 2018-05-06 at 1.41.09 AM


From Dad & Mom



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