An Ode to Grandparents!

Met another awesome grandmother yesterday and what a delightful conversation we had. A conversation that forced me to introspect. Regretfully I realised I had missed including grandparents stories in a place that’s called AWESOME POWER OF LOVE.  My blog which is my “pouring my heart out space” is guilty for sure as it hasn’t seen even one post dedicated to grand parents.

Grandparent’s expression of love for their grandchildren is the biggest testament of  Pure Love. When my kids grandparents, your kids grandparents ….all the grandparents in the world are talking about their bundles of joy, they light up and the twinkle in their eyes says all that can be said about this amazing power of love.Let’s ask forgiveness from all the grandparents because in this very busy life of ours …where we are forever running, we sometimes take their love for granted.

Blessed are those who have seen and felt this universal grandparental love. I have and my kids have and thank God for that. Isn’t it beautiful to have two more sets of wonderful people loving your kids unconditionally and making them the centre of their universe?

The grandmother I met yesterday warmed my heart and had so many tales to tell about her life… she lived through all the ups and downs and how her life was full of miracles. Miracles that guided her well ….to raise a family alone, a family that makes her proud everyday. She said many people have urged her to write about her experiences in a book and I encouraged her too …asking her why not? I told her, “Your kids especially your grand children will love to read them and find strength in your words …why not aunty …do it …do it ….you have to, you should”.

If Aunty ends up writing and if you & I can encourage our parents to write their life stories down for our children. What a wonderful world will it be ….full of chronicles of  grandparents unconditional love and their life stories binding families together. Being a part of something bigger , something more important than you and me , being a part of a whole…. will guide our kids in their difficult times, reminding them forever and ever that they are loved,they are so loved!

Ode to My Grandparents

by Brian Rowe


hearing about your days

selling snowcones

serving in World War II

asking out your lovely Maxine

raising two incredible children

will forever be with me

because you told it so memorably.


hearing about your days

teaching the school kids

meeting your lovely husband

dancing the night away

having my dad, having my uncle

will forever be with me

because you told it so movingly.

Grandpa and Grandma,

I want to you to know

I love you with all my heart

With more than words can say

And that fifty years from now

I’ll be telling my own grandkids

What marvelous people you two were

And who I hope I can one day become

Much Love

Saakshi Singla ❤️


  1. thinkinkadia

    So sweet! Our interactions enrich us in amazing ways and the good feelings make you and me want to share it with the whole world! You have such a wonderful spirit and an open mind.💞
    I love such chance conversations, too!

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