Wish rape culture dies a sudden death ….and never raises its head ever again!

I couldn’t sleep yesterday after reading  a  heart rendering article by Mitali Saran “Statutory warning: Countries with such low levels of humanity could die”. She talked about humanity dying and our country being very very sick. Feelings of regret overtook me as I had purposefully avoided reading the detailed news on Kathua and Unnao rape cases . The girls were far too young, reasons cited by the accused too frivolous and religious twist was too much to take. I kept tossing and turning the whole night , my mind staring right into my conscience and my country’s conscience …..trying to find reasons  why all is not ok with our society and how diseased we have become as a nation. Growing rape culture is a new low for us Indians …..bringing our country shame like no other.

How can people stand with the rapists who were a part of the government and police force ? What kind of place do such people come from ? …..Where they are maybe taught to think if a girl has a different God than their’s , she can be raped right inside their own place of worship and tortured and murdered…and it doesn’t matter if she is in a diaper, skirt or a burkha.

What makes people rapists  is what I kept wondering the whole night and my understanding once again found our way of parenting guilty to at least some extent. The 60 year old retired government official, the four police officers and the juvenile who gang raped in Kathua ……..am wondering ……come from what kind of homes. Only one thing sticks is that they were surely brought up in homes which didn’t teach them to respect women!

Wish they did? Wish we all can bring up our boys better! Wish all homes treated  their girls and boys alike!

Wish humanity wasn’t  lost in dividing the society on religious lines and political games!

Wish we could stop calling a rape …a Dalit or Hindu or Muslim girl’s rape ….instead talk and shame the men who rape …..by flashing their pictures in the  media instead of the girls who went through hell!

Wish rape culture dies a sudden death ….and never raises its head ever again!

Wish this horrifying word is struck out from all the dictionaries of the world!

Wish we don’t ever have to hang our heads in shame again!

Wish there are no terrible parents around …because they and their badly behaved children are making our country sick ….very very sick!


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