Step By Step school’s heart is beating for all it’s kids! 

What is happening to India’s Media ? ..TRP’s are what is ruling our world today. Another incorrect reporting,another case sensationalised all for making news stick for the wrong reasons. This time the unfortunate incident at one of the best schools in NCR triggers yet again the insensitivity of the news making machinery which is in pathetic state in our country. May it be the Mumbai terrorist attack, tragic end of a Bollywood icon or an unfortunate case of food poisoning in a school. Our TRP crazy media gets it wrong every time!

Step By Step is a coveted institution and has been standing proud for last ten years doing what it does best …providing quality education and care to it’s children. A school which has been right at the top making children and parents proud of been a part of its legacy. What the school has given my children and thousands other is unshakeable confidence and we stand by the school and the parents whose kids have been been affected with the unfortunate recent case of food poisoning. Many parents like us  are suspecting the incident to have been instigated to tarnish the school’s image ….it seems like foul play. But does the media care?????News reporting isn’t simply stating the incidents anymore, it has become a mechanism of passing judgement and tarnishing the images of people and institutions in its stride. And this time the victim is a school who has not just been supportive always but also has very high standards of safety and security. Pen is surely mightier than the sword … but shouldn’t the pen be used with caution …with a lot of  caution.

We parents are all with you Step By Step!

Count us in for any support that we can give to counter this!

Praying for all the kids who got affected, We are sure Step By Step school’s heart is beating for you all!

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  1. Vipin Guglani

    Its important to know the cause so that precautions can be taken .water can be treated but media is just hell bent on just crucifying the school management which is really unjustified.we stand with school in this hour of crisis .SBS is just not a mere school for our kids .its their sence of pride .They love the school and cannot stannd it when outsiders come and malign the school reputation without checking the facts first.

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