Cycle of life has a sense of humour, that too …..a really good one!

For us parents it is a unique kind of heartache to watch our kids grow up and the beauty of watching them approach full bloom is so beautiful that it takes our breath away. Our kids are in a big hurry to reach the adulthood milestone. We wanted to grow up just as fast  and in our impatience to grow up fast when we were young, we weren’t our politest best.

“I am Fourteeeeeeeeen Mom”( as if the sarcasm and emphasis on the word ‘teen’ would expedite the journey to adulthood)

“I am almost Sixteeeeeeeen now…what do you take me for Mom”( as if Moms who’ve watched them sleep some thousand times and noticed every small change in them …….somehow have forgotten their childrens’ age)

“Stop babying me , I am Eighteeeeeeen and I have a voice and I want to live my life my way”.( as if we didn’t before that and we were nothing but bonded labour before that )

Fast forward 25 -30 years ……we can see the same impatience in our children, and them  not being their very polite selves too. Roles have changed, our big kids are a few inches taller than us , seem smarter, much more eloquent and so so sure of themselves than our generation. And we can be caught smiling at them ever so often, noticing every small change in their being …physical, emotional and social.

Seeing them hurrying to get to the other side…is hilarious because unlike them, we know that the miracles they are expecting once they hit adulthood….. are not always miraculaous on this other side. Our kids are just as naive to think growing up and becoming an adult is the best thing in the world. Because though once we become adults we can drive , can vote and do what we want …. we are also answerable for our own mess,  have no one to pin our  mistakes on and toughest of all ….have no paid or unpaid leave from being a responsible adult.

Our kids are inching towards self reliance and will be soon reaching this adulthood milestone. Funny isn’t it, that the moment they get there…. they will….just like us start secretively wishing ( sometimes at least) that they had super powers to time travel backwards to revisit the carefree times of their childhood!

Cycle of life has a sense of humour, that too …..a really good one!



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