Another School Shooting …Our heart misses a beat yet again!

Another school shooting!


17 dead and many other survivors living with horrific memories of seeing their friends being shot down so callously…….over nothing!

Florida school shooting is a reminder of what’s wrong with our world today and how we adults are continuously failing our children …..both the ones who are killing and the others who are being killed. Sadly not all homes and schools are a safe heaven for their kids. Many mental health problems are a little too often,  a by product of unhappy and frustrated lives, not so good parenting and  broken homes.And tragedies like school shootings are somewhat predictable because they are most often coupled with mental health issues and easy access to guns.

There were loads of red flags which were ignored in this case too. Cruz, the Parkland shooter is an orphan who was abusive to his adoptive single mother, was booked before for cruelty towards animals , has a disturbing social media foot print with posts showing  his pride in calling himself a school shooter, his arrogant poses with guns, visible signs of depression, suspension from school ….signs that were all pointing  towards a young teen ready to explode. And yet no-one intervened when he lost his mother, a widowed mother who didn’t have enough courage to cut a whole in his pocket when he first bought a gun and got it home.  An evil kid he was maybe …. but are these kinds born from a mother’s womb or does the system make them such? Life isn’t kind to them and a country which lets any one especially a not so sane or troubled person be given a license to kill with an automatic gun ….not just one,  but many if so desired.

Something needs to change….someone needs to say” Never Again” and keep saying it till it becomes a collective voice of a nation where School Shootings are becoming a norm!

Things might finally change because unlike a Sandy Hook School shooting where victims were kindergarteners, Parkland school survivors are teens. Teens who are hurting bad,  who know how to use social media to campaign against gun violence and who can muster followers in thousands on twitter when they speak up., who are not afraid…

There is hope because of these teen survivors who have lived better family lives, who have been parented in an environment of abundant love and who won’t let the death of their friends be forgotten. They are leading the chants of “Action now,” with posters proclaiming “Gun violence is domestic terrorism” and “Enough is enough.”and have started with  “March For Our Lives,” a movement for gun control  that urges the politicians to stop taking money from National Rifle Association and to unseat any candidate who does in the upcoming mid-term elections.

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And it might work! It has to work this time because since we adults are not doing our bit to arrest mental health issues,  it’s up to our teens to question and dissuade the politicians to take off the ammunition from the street and decrease its accessibility.

With their innocence, honesty and urgency, it’s these teens  parented with care and lucky to survive the shooting , hopefully will be able to shame adults into discovering their conscience,AND BRING THE CHANGE!

“We are going to be the kids you read about in textbooks, Not because we’re going to be another statistic about mass shooting in America, but because … we are going to be the last mass shooting.”


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