Confident in their four inch heels & lovely tuxedos, they are forging ahead.

They grow up really fast, don’t they? And soon they are taking on the world on their own. Confident in their four inch heels and their tuxedos, moving away from our influence, our forever open arms and now unnecessary care.

Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 11.26.19 AM

It is up to them:our children to take what they learnt in our homes, from our examples, our successes and our failures to build a life of their own.

They seem in so much in control and ready to work, slog and make their own destiny.

It’s good to see them not needing our help any more , it’s great to see them forging ahead making the most of their blessings, looking confident…..ready also to take in their stride disappointments that will come in their way.

Aaaawwww! Youth, let them make the most of their time, realise their dreams and also have courage if and when life isn’t so kind to them some times!

This generation has an edge and we have given it to them- Confidence that they can be who ever they want to be and go wherever they want to take  their lives.

Our job is done ……. they are going to shine brighter!

What else could we have asked from God?


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