Picture Perfect Family :Trudeau seems like just another great DAD!

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Justin Trudeau’s family photos during his visit here in India are picture perfect. The Canadian PM may or may not be able to improve ties with India, but will surely bag minority votes back home with this visit. Irrespective to the controversy surrounding his visit and the so called the Indian snub he got , the lovely portraits of love are speaking volumes of importance of parenthood and special place that we hold in our hearts for our kids.

Having children makes us see  ourselves in a different light…. brings us the realisation of the depth of  our feelings and love …..which we never before thought we were capable of.  Family portraits …parents with children making memories is another “in” thing today . We want to keep records , immortalise good times and why not?  They are reminders of fun times and give us faith in not so good times. Trudeau is known to be a loving family man and is using his time in office and time of prominence to show his children various cultures of the world.He is giving people hope and is propagating a message of love and that’s what makes him even more charming.

His family pictures  in Sabarmati Ashram , all dressed up in Indian attire  in shades of orange and yellow with lovely garlands ,the Charkha poses, hands folded in a Namaste, rolling chapatis, covered heads during his visit to Golden Temple and colour coordinated family pictures in front of our very own Taj Mahal ……are all so so  cute. Even if the posing and making a positive  impression on the Indian community back in Canada to keep their vote is a part of the agenda during this Indian visit…. his kids are gaining an amazing experience of one of the most diverse and rich cultures of the world. And spending time with their dad is good ….someone who is an important person in the World of  Politics today but for them is just a doting dad who is making wonderful memories with his family, giving them his attention and love in a beautiful  foreign land.

And we are enjoying  looking at these wonderful examples of good family life and love people have for their kids in his pictures.These happy pictures is what everyone wants to see …. and not the stress you see in the family pictures of Trudeau’s counter part in America.

Wishing for a peaceful family life for everyone !


Our bundles of joy…Our Valentines Forever!

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We are living in a new world today, a world that has made expressing love easier, talking about it more frequent….the smart phone icons;the hearts , the hugs , the smitten eyes are so so easy to use and help evoke emotions & make hearts sing just like words do!

Valentine Day brings with it a world full of beautiful expressions of love …..cities dressed up with over zealous florists  housing lovely blooms in every colour of the rainbow……restaurants decked up in beautiful shades of red… heart shape individual packings on stems of hundreds of red roses , love songs playing in cars and malls, Archies and Hallmark gift shops buzzing with young love birds , FM Rj’s reminding everyone to go out and celebrate and make the day special for the love of their lives.Expressing our love openly is in fashion, much more than ever before. Festivities, celebrations and love struck faces everywhere …. are all reminders for us that happiness is in good relationships, happiness is in feeling of belongingness, happiness is in being loved and loving someone, happiness is in feeling the love and care of our family…….happiness is seeing a part of ourselves in our kids.

I celebrated , you celebrated, they celebrated, we all celebrated and soaked ourselves in love and counted our blessings…this year too! Facebook and  Instagram was as always full of many expressions of love evoking wonderful emotions in all of us and most beautiful of these were people celebrating with their children …their sweet Valentines!

Screen Shot 2018-02-15 at 11.20.55 AM


Confident in their four inch heels & lovely tuxedos, they are forging ahead.

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They grow up really fast, don’t they? And soon they are taking on the world on their own. Confident in their four inch heels and their tuxedos, moving away from our influence, our forever open arms and now unnecessary care.

Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 11.26.19 AM

It is up to them:our children to take what they learnt in our homes, from our examples, our successes and our failures to build a life of their own.

They seem in so much in control and ready to work, slog and make their own destiny.

It’s good to see them not needing our help any more , it’s great to see them forging ahead making the most of their blessings, looking confident…..ready also to take in their stride disappointments that will come in their way.

Aaaawwww! Youth, let them make the most of their time, realise their dreams and also have courage if and when life isn’t so kind to them some times!

This generation has an edge and we have given it to them- Confidence that they can be who ever they want to be and go wherever they want to take  their lives.

Our job is done ……. they are going to shine brighter!

What else could we have asked from God?