Genuine Emotions make me go weak in my knees!

The most genuine emotions, the universal love all parents feel for their children, the blessings and quotes moms and some dads write for their children , posts celebrating their love for their bundles of  joy…..makes me go weak in my knees, Always!Most touching and closest to the truth are posts where parents are wishing their kids on their birthday, mothers day celebrations, wishing them well for their new term at college, people sending them away faraway with promise to love them more when they return on holidays. The moms and dads become awesome poets and amazing photographers when it comes to them expressing their love for the apples of their eyes. Social Media is losing it’s charm for me but an occasional scroll and seeing such creative posts celebrating parental love is still a must. Just like me , I feel it keeps a lot of people going, because amidst the chaos, ever growing global problems and saddening news, celebrations and love that people pour in their posts for loved ones ……elevates our mood. Hope,  that love will and can conquer all is heart warming.

Social media has been cursed for encouraging pretentious lives and  helping in false projections of always happening lives.But it has also given us a wonderful chance to see our friend’s kids and their parenting life from close quarters. And it’s fun watching people you knew as kids themselves, who you played Chupen Chupayi with and took your college degrees with, have beautiful children …….children your friends swoon over just like you!

Loving it , it’s a bright day again, another day to do more , another day to feel and give love!

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