It’s Time to Chill Mom Dad…… Just Chill!

The much anticipated day is here and it’s time to let go. Our parent’s parents had to let go , so did our parents and now it’s our turn. Hoping we have taught right, done enough , given the right values because beyond this point , it’s our children’s understanding of the world that will shape them to be their own individual selves.

How they perceive relationships & friendships and how they nurture them in future is their decision to make.How hard they work , how they go after what they want and how they make their lives purposeful is their own journey to take. Our big job is done , well done or not time will tell but If we have been able to give them a feeling of security and unconditional love ….. they are bound to become strong, well adjusted, secure in their own being kind of people.

There are so many life lessons that I have included in innumerable  conversations over the years with my children. So so many that they tell me to stop and often say ” Sab Lessons  Ratte Hue Hain Mom, Chill Now ” ( we remember them by heart so relax now ). I have heard my parents and lots of wise sayings from many people ….” You have done your bit …you have given the Sanskars …the values and your kids have seen you live truthful and hard working lives..They will turn out good…they won’t know another way to live, so have faith in your Parenting and just let it go”.

So let’s just “Let it go”…..and sit back and see them blossom!

Let’s sit back and enjoy these beautiful God’s creations!

These God sent blessings in form of our bundles of joy, are all grown up and ready to be on their own, so let’s just let them be!

It’s time to chill and do more with our lives….there is so much more  to do …. let’s get on with it !


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