Happiness Formula, its a Sure Shot!

All the Happiness Formulas …written in books, spoken by happiness gurus, known to happy people… have the same story to tell… A story of happiness that is up to people to write for themselves …that has a formula that is sure shot. A story that starts with the word “Gratitude” and also ends with the same word “Gratitude”. It seems like a simple formula, yet many parents and people struggle to see the need of this simplicity in their lives.

We parents have a whole list of life lessons for our children…the most important one I hope is teaching them to have a feeling of gratitude in their hearts forever. Teaching them to be thankful for the wonderful life they have been given, for feeling the wind on their faces, for being able to see the new leaves sprouting, butterflies and birds fluttering around and life and laughter happening all around.  And when things aren’t looking great for them let’s help by giving our children hope ……….reminding them of their babyhood times, how to be able to walk was like the biggest victory  of their lives, how they danced in the rain, how spotting lady bugs and the grasshoppers in the grass made them ecstatic with joy. Telling stories of their play school days, their baby talk , their childhood friends, things that made them laugh, the jokes they told, the family travels, stories of celebrations, also of the tough and down times.

Let’s Teach our kids to keep counting their blessings and feeling & expressing Gratitude. Gratitude for the abundance, the enough’s in their lives and also for things lacking as these give them a chance to better their versions of themselves. Gratitude also for the presence of the amazing people they have in their lives as friends, family, their teachers, their mentors who have helped them in their journeys……for the circumstances that have been in their favour and also the trials and tribulations they got in their share…..reminding them often that it’s these ups and downs that is helping our kids build resilience and beautiful purposeful lives.

We wake up everyday as two thankful parents of our amazing kids. Life has been kind and even if it has been trying at difficult times …we have kept our feeling of gratitude alive for all the blessings we have been bestowed with. Bad times came too…and we survived .. and all it took was a little gratitude. For our family like many others this is the happiness formula that has worked wonders …..and ….. this is why feeling and expressing gratitude will always remain the number one life lesson learnt for us and hopefully our children!

Having a house full of love, walls adorned with pictures of good times spent with loved ones and hearts full of Gratitude is our Happiness Formula Story ..what’s yours?

Much Gratitude for stopping here on my blog site and reading what a parent’s heart is talking about today!



  1. Anuradha Sinha

    I totally agree. We are fortunate for our blessings.
    Gratitude is indeed the key to contentment and a happy state of mind.
    So we’ll written Saakshi.

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