Go Shine On New Generation!

These are good times ..better than the ones we lived in. We went to college with a minimum understanding of how the world works….beyond the doctors , engineers, architects, lawyers , teachers and maybe ..some relatively new fields, we didn’t care much of other professions that made the world go around …..we didn’t notice , we didn’t bother. We were oblivious as our sphere of exposure was limited and so were the opportunities. We dreamed too but not of becoming an artist, an aeronautical or an automotive engineer, a make up artist, a chef, a graphic designer, an advertiser, an archeologist, stocks expert, transport designer etc etc ….our brains could not dream of realms which we knew little about. So many of us lived in our cacoon and did what came easy ….most of us made choices based on our 12th score, some based on the popular opinion and some did what everyone else did ….took the safe options. Experimentation  with our careers and source of livelihood for the rest of our lives …wasn’t the smartest thing to do in our times.

And that’s why I feel these are good times, better than ours….and wish our kids can see it like that. What is it they don’t have in their favour….parents who let them be….huge amounts of confidence, the choice to do whatever they want, be whoever they want to be, availability of finances, the Internet to tell them what they want to know from experiences of others, chances of internships …to see how the world works before they choose a particular career path, a chance at failing and taking a different course of action …or a different field…without any social stigma.

Last few months have been interesting, it was heartening to see my daughter and her friends focusing all their energies towards choosing their career paths and getting into various colleges. All completely involved in putting the cornerstones of success painstakingly in order….for their future lives. What they have chosen to do with the next 4-5 years of their lives is the most interesting mix of things. They are aspiring to be criminal psychologists, fashion designers, visual communicators, graphic designers, coporate lawyers, politicians,international relationship managers,product designers, sports psychologists, professional players, pilots, musicians, professional singers, aeronautical engineers etc etc. And some are using the option of taking time to decide what they want to do with their lives….Whatever they’ll do in future ….but they seem to be in the driving seats of their own lives …they all want to go places…they are a generation of empowered young boys and girls who are confident and well informed and are seekers and are initiators……That’s such a change from where we came from and we did well …so naturally they will do better ..because they are much better equipped and much more ambitious than us.

Loads of blessings from our generation to the new generation. You are most the privileged and capable generation than all the ones which have gone by and have everything that you need to find your element.

Go shine on girls and boys…go do what you desire!

Go break the age old stereotypes….take the roads less travelled!

Go live an adventurous life and enjoy varied experiences!

Go find your individual purposes….go do more than just earning a livelihood …..go follow your hearts and realise your dreams!

Make the most of the beautiful life bestowed on you by God!
Make it count not in terms of the big salaries you’ll earn …but more in terms of a purposeful and a better lived life!


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