Parental Duties ….Silver Linings!

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It’s a beautiful day and I am sitting in a quite little breakfast place … on yet another holiday …my favourite day-Sunday. Happy in my heart and humming my favourite song……exploring the place , the menu, the lovely people serving …..enjoying a Cappuccino, biting into a sinfully delicious muffin…thinking about parenting duties and it’s silver linings.

I am actually on a so called boring parenting duty of dropping, waiting and picking up my daughter from her class …some 20 kms away from home. From abacus classes since when my kids were almost babies to now when they are attending preparatory classes for college….I have had the luxury to be their car buddy and also had some exclusive time to myself thanks to the waiting time I got …to introspect ….to eat what my heart desires …to work and to write. Why I call it a luxury and an opportunity instead of a boring duty is because I have enjoyed the “Me Time ” thoroughly. There is so much I have done in these hours of waiting over the years. I have tried out new restaurants and coffee shops, met some very interesting people from different walks of life, written some of my blog posts, developed ideas for new projects, wrote and edited some parts of my books, met old friends for breakfast …….also guiltily burnt some green notes … and now some pink notes on few of the shopping expeditions I took close to the location of the classes … ….all done expertly in the waiting time before taking my kids back home. Dropping and coming back to pick them up in  just couple of hours didn’t seem like a viable option and that made me look at the silver linings. The ” Me Time” has been a fantastic get away most of the days barring a few when I have either had a writers block or days when nothing seemed to have gone my way. I am also sheepishly guilty about making my children feel terrible by accusing them of not being vocal enough about their gratitude for my spending hours waiting for them….I think only a few times in many years though.

Today while sitting and sipping my coffee in this beautiful breakfast All Day Place called Root’d in Gulmohar Park. Waiting for my daughter who is having a good time learning the nuances of fashion illustrations from a wonderful teacher……..I am reminiscing all those beautiful fantastic “me time moments”. Life is short….and there are blessings scattered everywhere for us to catch. Wishing we parents can keep counting these blessings and can keep our hearts singing and keep finding the silver linings in our boring parental duties!

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