Jackpot of Love & Send Offs !

What makes life loveable is having family and friends with kids same age. And what makes it even sweeter is seeing our kids and their friends grow up  into beautiful people. My daughter is standing  on the edge with one foot almost outside our door. I can either begin my empty nest lifetime of grieving or simply focus on the fact that a wonderful young person has entered my life and keep reminding myself that with her I have won a jackpot ….. to have known many more beautiful young wires, her awesome friends.

Send offs have started , all of my daughters friends and classmates have found their own place under the sun and are ready to start their new lives , in different colleges, some in the same cities , some in new cities and others in new countries. It’s so so emotional to see all our babies who were a constant source of love …who gave us innumerable hugs and kisses during their sleepovers at our place and made everyday feel like a celebration for us for almost over a decade and half or more ….are all set to become big people…ready to leave us and embark on their individual life journeys. The realisation is hitting us hard…….that ….it’s not just our kids who are leaving, it’s also their friends and what’s leaving with them is the energy , the excitement , the buzz, the shopping trips, the need to fill our fridges full, the fun get togethers, the happy noises, the weekly family outings, arguments over which movie to watch together, the sibling fun nit picking,their keeping us on our toes,their gossip sessions, restaurant hunting, the pickups & drops and a lot of fun from our lives.

The frantic preparation is on . And so is the heart wrenching ordeal of our children getting ready to leave their old life behind. All our homes are busy making to do lists. Everyone is  trying hard to keep up with the various chores needed to be done before our daughters and sons leave home for good. There is so much to do ….doctor appointments, health checkups, eye tests and new glasses, vaccinations, shopping for their dorm and new residences, rush to driving schools enrolments, buying new clothes & shoes, college supplies, new laptops and phones, packing medicine pouches etc etc . All homes of teenage kids ready to fly are buzzing with activity, send off parties, grandparents blessings parties, celebrations, family and friends lunches and dinners . Life is good and kicking and busy …so little time …so much to do …we parents are trying hard to pack anything and everything our children might need when they are away from us. But what we all deep down rather have is them staying back with us or us packing our bags to leave with them.

We parents are getting all emotional , we can cry on the smallest provocation. We are shamelessly demanding selfies with our children and their friends, a little too often for their liking. We are all hugging our kids and their friends tighter than we ever did, worrying ourselves sick …. if they will eat enough and eat right, what will they do if they have a cold or throat infection….we are over awed by the intensity of emotions that are flooding in us. This lightening speed of our worries for their future is a new in our parenting journey and is keeping us awake in the night and giving us pots full of anxiety in the day.

But our children seem to be braving it and handling it better than us. They are  fighting their own battles and that also much bigger ones than us. They are going  to be leaving their comfort zones, their friends and siblings who they love more than their own lives, their rooms and their loos and their safe havens behind. And moving forward to embrace the new world, along with a new set of insecurities…..anxiety of future relationships and friendships and are stepping into new exciting but unknown territories. Amazing isn’t it how inspite of their own turmoils …they are being so sweet to us ….they are letting us speak aloud our grief , our worries and letting us hug them longer and trying hard to tell us to not worry…. feeling our pain of struggle with detachment anxiety ….feeling our need to hang on longer to that kiss and trying their hardest to make it easier for us to let go and move on.

Cheers to Their New Beginnings and Ours!

Let’s together thank God for an abundance of love that came in our share through our children and their friends!
Let’s now start looking forward to their winter and summer breaks …times when our families will feel complete again. And when our homes will be buzzing with their friends and there will be lots of noise, blaring music and an overload of hugs and kisses…… again … everywhere !

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