The realisation that human life isn’t precious anymore … hitting us with the speed of a tornado!

Shaken to the core I am today ..and my heart is crying. Our lives are very fragile and it takes just a couple of minutes to change so much. A fire engulfed a part of our neighbour’s house leaving a home alone senior citizen with more than 90% burns …she is right now fighting for her life in ICU.

The realisation that human life isn’t precious anymore ….in today’s world … hitting us like a tornado.The course of events following the fire ….say it all. The safety measures in our country are in a pathetic state. Our own disaster management understanding is so so limited . Why ? We have never been through a fire drill in our lives , we don’t keep fire extinguishers at home , we take our lives for granted, we believe in leaving things “Ram Bharose”, our private hospitals don’t have Burn Wards, nearby famous starred hospitals have the courage to flatly refuse to take in a burnt victim because of the high risk of fatality of the accident, the fire stations shamelessly say , they will help but ideally we should call the station which handles the jurisdiction of our neighbourhood, and when finally the right fire station is informed … takes a long time before the fire brigades reach , the police emergency number 100 takes forever to connect and the fire emergency number 104 doesn’t answer.

Thankfully the gas pipeline people …do their job the fastest and cut the gas feed into the house…. And neighbours pitch in big time ….it still takes a long time to get the fire in control…The first floor of the house is salvaged …and the ground floor though gutted completely has a chance to be rebuilt…. Houses can be rebuilt , material things can be bought again ….if life goes on …spirit to rebuild future remains.

But what about the pain , the horror , the trauma that a eighty five year lady had to go through, what about the daughter who is seeing her mother lying helplessly in a government hospital that doesn’t care, what about the only hospital in NCR with a Burn Ward being short staffed …where the attendants tell the relatives of the patient to nurse the burn wounds…as they don’t have enough doctors or nurses…what about precious time lost at the local hospital which negligently said there is nothing to worry ….and the patient will be fine …as the burns are only superficial….and change their story completely with the doctor on duty losing patience and who starts screaming …. asking for the patient to be taken elsewhere because their surgeon is off duty …and he for sure is either a reservation quota doctor or a medical college bribe case recruit ……and to top it all…the hospital help comes in the form of overcharging for the sub standard first aid given and saying that they could order an ambulance on charge for the shift but can’t spare a doctor to go with the patient in the ambulance.

What about the insensitive world we live in? what about a human life being so cheap ? …where has all the goodness gone?

It seems ….she is hanging in there….. Ram Bharose!

Me ….Praying hard and in gratitude to our guru and fellow beings who are sending healing right now! Don’t know what else to do but for keeping faith in God’s Will! And telling my children it’s up to them , up to their generation to be a force that brings a change ….that makes this world a better place to live!

Have to end with the news that I just got…Auntie left for her heavenly abode..leaving us all short of words and with hearts bleeding!

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