Circle of Love: The most important inheritance we should leave for our kids!

Circle of love, circle of good influence, circle of trust , circle of ” we have your back”, circle of support, circle of people who encourage us to lean in…. whatever we call it, It is the most important gift we can give to our children.

They say it takes a village to bring up children well and nobody can do it alone. In today’s day and age the village is finding it difficult to mind its own affairs..where does it have the time for our children. Even if we are blessed with a small circle of love where our kids can feel secure and worthy of love, we are sorted for life.

Parenting is fun and parenting is tough…We need our circle of love at all times share the fun part and also to rely on during the tough times. Having a circle of trust including homes where love flows easily is a blessing we have and something that our children should inherit from us. Homes where relationships are nurtured continuousy, where laughter stays put, where nobody is left alone during their downtimes , where people fuss over each other, where there is a basket to put everybody’s worries and anxieties in, where people talk and share, where nobody pretends, where for sure people eat that one meal together at least and dinner table chit chats and some brickbats are a every day affair.

A place where care and attention is free flowing, where laughter fills the air, where tough love lives, where walls are like windows.. they open up and let fresh breeze in when the season is good and are shut when there is a high tide in the vicinity, where life buzzes, where the family sticks together no matter what, where our mistakes are pointed out in open not whispered behind our backs, where we are nudged to become better versions of ourselves.Homes which are committed to bring up their own children as good,kind and genuine human beings.

Circles of love are “Our go to in need places”, ” Be our selves places”, “Our Safety Nets” and ” Our love nests”. Let us give these to our children in their inheritance. Let them have people and places who care and who will treat them like their own, who they can go to in their difficult times and their good times.
Let’s give a circle of influence to our kids with homes where love flows easily and good relationships live!

Cheers to people on whom I can rely on forever!
Cheers to homes where my children are welcome anytime! Cheers to their aunts and uncles and family who are and will be influencing their lives in a positive way always.

Cheers to my friends and their’s and our extended family who had our back during our dark times and are happy during the shining moments of our lives..

We don’t need a village anymore,a small circle of love on which we and our children can lean in is good enough for us !

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