Eighteen Is Here with a Bang!

It’s the season of emotional excesses..and tears finding their way down the cheeks of a lot of moms and dads. The kids everywhere around me aren’t kids anymore. They have already turned eighteen or are dying to reach the milestone soon. It’s the season of graduation days, it’s that time, we parents have been waiting for and have been dreading …..of seeing them making us proud on the school stage one last time.

Where did the time fly , why did it fly so soon , from babies in our arms with chubby cheeks  to young men and women standing tall in their suits and high heels …mind you very very high heels. Heels which are so many inches tall that they weren’t even a part of our dreamland when we were graduating. The suits crisp and much well tailored then our times. Posing with friends, teachers and us as grown ups with so much confidence and pen ache that we can’t but help reminisce our time back in our days … Days of jubilation, feelings of finally being in control of our lives and our destinies, looking forward to adulthood …like we have been given a well deserved prize.

Eighteen is just a number for us parents because like our parents we can’t stop being the parent we have been for so long …just because the calendar has turned it’s pages to stop at our childrens’ favourite dates . But Eighteen isn’t just a number for our young adults …instead eighteen is the most important double digit of their wonderful life …..or so it seems for them today.Eighteen means independence, eighteen means freedom , eighteen means to be able to take a drink and to drive ( both not at the same time though) eighteen means …I can uber it Mom, eighteen means we can stay late for a party ….as late as we want , eighteen means ” I have had enough of your nagging mom”, eighteen means ” I have it all under control”, eighteen means , I am old enough to get the spare key to the front door, eighteen means we are ready to handle it all on our own …..and the list continues in favour of our children who are stepping into rather running to reach the goal post called adulthood. The adulthood they think we have been hogging on and keeping to our selves for so long.

We who have progressed towards the times beyond our eighteenth and  that so with lightening speed ….are reminding ourselves today of that sweet feeling of new beginnings , the masti of college days, the fragrance of new love and excitement of a new job. And aren’t we feeling amazing about the same …because we have seen it all …the time then when we were dying to grow up and time now when we would give anything in this world to be eighteen again.

Cheers to our just going to be adult children and some who think they are luckier to have reached there earlier than their friends!
Cheers to the enthusiasm that feeling of being grown up brings !
Cheers to lives unfolding at their own terms !
Cheers to us who have survived the teenage years and forgotten every pain and screech!

Cheers to them soaring to bigger heights and working hard to realise their dreams!
Cheers to our wonderful children ….who aren’t children anymore !



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