Obsessed are we? and should we be? with making Our children turn out good!



Funny how we parents can turn any and every situation into a life lesson for our children.A lot of us are guilty of the above big time…. and have used many situations, good or bad, difficult and fun to fish out various life lessons to our children. Hope we have succeeded in our trying to live up to their expectations of walking the talk. Life lessons like “be part of a circle of  good people” ,”the world won’t give whatever you want on a platter”, “life isn’t a bed of roses always”,  “look out for your happiness”,” work hard and dream big”, stay away from toxic people” etc etc. We talk to them constantly and what we tell them becomes their inner voice, not to skip mentioning that sometimes we talk a little too too much … and a lot we say gets lost in oblivion. And then we live our lives, either true to what…

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