“Mom”How similar are the emotions that this one word elicits in all of us!


How similar are humans in their expression of love. It amazes me to see this one word ” Mom” evoking wonderful emotions in people … Emotions which are never fake and never forced. There are few things or actually ….may be nothing else in this world that connects human hearts alike and with so much passion.We all express our love for our mothers in the most unlimiting ways.The unrestrained expression has no comparisons, no expectations of reciprocity and no hidden agendas.Wish we humans could do that or at least try to do it  in all our realtionships.

Social Media platforms were flooded with messages and pictures of moms and daughters and sons yesterday. People expressed their emotions ….the shy ones, the not so expressive ones, the busiest ones…..many came out to posts their tributes. The Mom & Us messages and posts kept the celebration going  and hearts dancing for many people yesterday. It was good  to see lots of people turn into fabulous poets, photoshop experts, photographers and  storytellers. There were no judgements like   why were people over sharing on the social media ? , why were they only showing the happy picture of their family? The pictures and posts shared yesterday were  refreshingly genuine and happiest that we have seen in a long time. And that’s why there isn’t a more happy word in this world than “Mom”.

Having a special day for celebrating Mothers is a recent phenomena , we grew up without these reminders. The new fad has a day of celebration for everything and everyone and has been condemned big time for commercialisation of the concept of love. But why not …I say… why not if it helps us all to look back and cherish beautiful memories and count our blessings. Blessed are those who have been fortunate enough to feel a mothers love, have had a lap to lie down in and a shoulder to cry on sometime and many times in their lives.

Cheers to all of those who have their mothers hand on their heads, to those who have been lucky to have God Mothers AND Cheers to all of those who have their mothers sending their love from another world! Nobody can replace their love but to have known such love and feel their presence forever in our lives is what makes the word “Mom”the best expression of love in the world!

Happy Mothers Day, yesterday, today and tomorrow!

“Cheers to Our Moms and the Moms in Us!


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