Do Museum Visits suck? ( it’s all in your head)


Someone long ago thought of the concept of Museums. Thanks to him /or her, we have thousands of Museums around the world for everything and anything. Puppet Museums, Textile Museums, Natural History Museums, Science Museums, Art and Design Museums, Transport Museums, Umbrella Museums, Holocaust Memorial Museums, Doll Museums, Wax Museums, Toy Museums etc.  And then, there are some very weird Museums. like The Museum for Instant Raman in Japan, Dog Collar Museum in England, UFO Museum in Mexico, Gelato Museum in Italy , Museum of Torture Instruments in Amsterdam , Hair Museum in Turkey, Sewer Museum in Paris, International Spy Museum in Berlin,  Sulabh International Museum of toilets ( this one is India and is an inspiration for less developed nations), Museum of Salt and Pepper Shakers, Lunch Box Museum and Skelton Museum in United States.

Many who don’t normally visit museums have a tendency to dismiss them as boring…

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