Saluting Motilal Nehru Sports School land what it stands for even today in this Tech Heavy World!


Teacher Sensitisation Programme@Motilal Nehru School of Sports, Rai –
 November, 27th 2015: Extremely Enthusiastic, Keen to learn ,VERY Committed Teachers and an Extremely Fruitful Session. A very successful Teacher Sensitisation training at Motilal Nehru Sports School, Rai. What a beautiful school! A school which has helped many children become National level players. A school untouched by I Pads and X Boxes. World class sports facilities , the kinds many of our big town schools cannot even dream of …A Olympic Size Swimming Pool, A World Class Gymnasium, A Huge Stadium, A Hockey field, Lawn Tennis and Badminton Courts A Boxing Rink, Horse Riding areas and stables with 12 beautiful horses, A Lovely Amphitheatre, Two Huge Very Beautiful Libraries , Carpenters Workshop, girls practising shooting with their guns, sprawling green fields I can keep going on and on about the campus spread in 270 acres. Our normal schools are not more than 7-10 acres, so try to imagine the scale. Wonderful and enthusiastic – so so keen to learn teachers.Trying their best to be both teachers and parents to the children. Facing huge challenges like having three age groups of children in the same class, teaching children coming from varied,difficult and knowledge deficient households.  What an amazing day! Meeting such committed teachers and seeing such love for what they do makes my job of leaving an impact much easier. Hopefully left them thinking and wanting to do more with their children!

We are living in a tech heavy world today. Lives without gadgets are perceived as unhappy by the children today. Schools are competing with each other by moving with the times of giving their children a technological advantage. Surely the future generations need the skills to navigate in a virtual and technological world. The only problem is that the children are children and so it is difficult for them to leave behind their virtual lives and are losing out on real life experiences.

Homes are full of all kinds of tech savvy gadgets and hence the nature and the outside is less attractive  to them today. In midst of media tailored world full of advertisements of the latest phones and fastest internet plans, ever-changing technology and our need to compete materialistically with our fellow beings, somewhere the need to connect with the nature, books, people and real life is diminishing. Wishing all children grew up in schools like MNSS where the real life is taken for granted, where a stroll in the garden comes naturally to them , where they are not confined to library periods to go sit in the library, where the children get to play all sports and get opportunities to excel in whatever they like,where world-class sports facilities are inside the campus, where girls take up shooting lessons, where gadgets are a waste of time and where life is lived in the lap of nature.

How I wish I had the vision to send my children to a school like MNSS? And how I have missed the bus since they are grown up now and how jealous I am feeling of the luxury my husband enjoyed going to a school like this”