What all can we and should we give to our children beyond the obvious?


Education and freedom to choose what they want to do with it

A childhood that teaches Environmental Consciousness

Awareness of the Life & Nature Around Them

Opportunities to hypothise, experiment and problem solve

Also letting them to get bored and being fine with boredom sometimes .

Letting them involve themselves in unstructured play.

Exposing them to different cultures and making them aware of the World around them.

 Giving them a gift of life long reading and learning

 Encouragement to build & enhance their Thinking power

Interesting Childhood  with opportunties to keep the fire in their bellies burning

Stimulating Environment that helps in life long learning and reading

An understanding of Dignity of Labour & Hard Working Attitude

Opportunties to tinker, make, create, write, design and express

Modelling  Empathy and giving back to teach them to look beyond themselves

Courage to follow their dreams

Unconditional Love, a safe haven and a house and surroundings without drama and Toxic Environment!(( as much as possible)

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