Tribute to Awesome Power of Love Teachers have! An attempt to Sensitise teachers to use this power well!

Teacher Sensitisation Programme@O.P Jindal Model School. Hissar- October 24th 2015: Extremely Enthusiastic batch and an Extremely Fruitful Session


  1. Every Child needs a Champion- An Adult who believes in him or her.Each one of us should be able to boast of being one to each child in our class.
  2. Thematic Instruction is powerful as it guides teachers to be innovative, makes teaching fun, meaningful and makes the  curriculum relate to the world around our children.Selection of wider themes is imperative.Children are ready to learn, its us adults who expect too little from them.
  3. Good Questions are key to set children thinking.Ask the right questions. Don’t forget the Blooming Butterfly hanging in your staff rooms. Incorporate Benjamin Bloom’s Blooms Taxonomy in the assessments.
  4. Objective of education is not to make  our clones and what is already present. Google is providing information and spreading knowledge. We teachers have the responsibility to teach how to use and apply that knowledge. Our job is to make our kids think and create new things with this knowledge.
  5. The environment surrounding our children in schools should be manipulated to be a visual treat. Let this environment be a purposeful reminder of the themes in our curriculum. Thematic bulletin boards, classroom and outdoor spaces are all learning tools. Lets use them well.
  6. Let no child remain behind because they couldn’t learn from us. Lets question if we were able to reach and teach each child in a way he or she wants to learn.Make lesson plans that appeal to multiple intelligences.

Hoping the impact translates into thinking teachers taking these effective practices in their classrooms!

O. P Jindal Model Super Teachers 


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