Are these your Happy Family Habits ?

Leo Tolstoy said it right ” All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way”12122498_10207853566279767_7519336109408222419_n

Happy Family Habits

1. Be silly together- laugh with your kids every day

. 2. Write down / speak aloud what you are grateful for everyday as a family

3. Follow routines- fixed sleeping, waking up, Personal hygiene, meal routines, study and play routines.

4. Take out time to teach your kids something new often. Make experiences count.

5. Unplug for a little while every day, talk about their life, your experiences and the world around us.

6. Talk about importance of education.

7. Share family story with them – your marriage, their birth and family fun facts.

8. Hug each other every day.


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