To a daughter from Mom with Love!

How often do I sit with you my daughter, with you being actually present ,

There are things you have, which always seem more important.
The phone texting continues with friends and snapchat is more dearer,
You seem to have no time for me, now that you are a teenager.
I can’t reach you sometimes and when I try, I fall flat on my face,
I’d rather leave it all and let you walk away at your pace.
But my mother’s instinct keeps telling me you are far too young,
And right now you need my guidance to see right from wrong.
You hate me for reminding me your  limits as you think you’ve got it all,
I hope and wish so, as you are in my daily prayers , my precious little doll.
It’s amazing how anxious you are to grow up and live your own life!

Believe it or not, I am ok about you being your own person & leave my nest,
I just want to give you firm roots so that when its time for you to fly my dearest,
You have enough courage and tenacity to pass any of the life’s tests.

 I will hold your hand only till you want me to Sweetheart, But myheartstrings will reamin firmly held by you forever !