These are very basic 5 FAST FACTS ABOUT our CHILD’S BRAIN, and we forget them often, Don’t We?

1. CHILDHOOD IS KEY.The brain makes the most connections among its cells before your child turns 10. This is also the time when she/he learns language best.
2. THE BRAIN BUILDS ITSELF BASED ON REPETITIVE SENSORY EXPERIENCES.The language portion of the brain is enhanced greatly by interaction with others because the brain can then connect words with objects and experiences.
3. MOVEMENT GETS THE BRAIN GOING.An active body makes for an active brain.

4. STRESS DISABLES LEARNING. Cortisol, a hormone that kills off connections in the learning and memory parts of the brain, is produced during trauma. While you can’t (and shouldn’t) protect your child from all stressors, a close relationship with you and other caring adults will help her learn to cope and to feel good about herself.
5. MUSIC BOOSTS LEARNING.Singing, listening to, and playing music improves spatial orientation and mathematical thinking. Plus, rhyming builds language skills.

As simple as that!


One Comment

  1. Saisudha

    I find that increasingly the park near my house is getting emptier. More children opt to stay at home and watch tv or play on their tablets/computers or phones. A lot of us are forgetting point 3 where movement gets the brain going. It really is ever so important! There are some hectic days when I give it low priority too.

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