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What all is on your agenda,when you travel with your children?Museums?

Sight seeing, shopping, dining, amusement parks etc etc..Are Museums on your agenda, because if not include them. Many countries have exclusive museums which are lovely experiences that you can gift to your children. In the next few articles I will be sharing information and pictures of some of the  amazing museums we have been to together as a family.

The Canadian Children’s Museum has an amazing permanent exhibition,a mini world is made where  children can experience and role play various activities of children from around the world.The collection includes toys, games, clothing, art, photographs, books and other objects, reflecting the rituals and realities of children’s lives in various countries.There are various countries stalls with miniature houses, clothes worn in various countries , spice market, a Tuk Tuk,a pyramid and Spinx, a Punjabi truck.The children completely freaked out wearing Egyptian clothes,sitting on the camel,buying spices in Arabian clothes from spice market, checking out mummies and drawings  on the walls in the pyramids.

It was a wonderful way to learn about various cultures of the world.An Absolutely Awesome Experience ! Don’t miss a visit to the Museum, if and whenever you are traveling to Canada.

Canadian Museum of Civilization

Canadian Museum of Civilization Corporation network

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