Did you learn Goal Setting when you were a kid? Teach your children now!

Goal setting is the surest way to maximizing anybody’s chances of success. But it is not easy to set goals. Some of the problems in goal setting is not understanding what goals and how many goals to set. Some of the mistakes people make are :
1. Failing to understand how many goals should we set and ending up setting too many goals: This is one of the most common mistakes that people often make is that they set too many goals too soon. But this usually has negative results. Too many goals shift the attention and effort is less focused.
2. Not setting short-term goals and smarter Goals to achieve long-term success.
3. Leaving the goals progress unmonitored or failure to make adjustments in the goals: Over time people’s priorities and circumstances may change. Also, you may find that there are obstacles and difficulties in achieving the set goals. It helps to regularly review the set goals and maximizes chances of goal setting success.
4. Making the mistake of setting unrealistic goals: This is the biggest mistake people make for example, If you are a couch potato there is little use in setting a goal to run a marathon in two weeks. By setting unrealistic goals people are usually setting themselves up for failure.
5. Setting vague goals: Often inexperienced goal setters will set quite vague goals. Becoming a success or getting fitter are general goals. These goals could be more specific by stating what things you need to become a success or the number of times you need to exercise per week or which stream you think you are interested in instead setting a goal of earning lot’s of money. By setting specific goals you have a clear target that you can focus on.
6. Another roadblock is not setting measurable goals: If the goals are not measurable goals then how do you know where you are in your goal progression? Better still, how do you know that you have achieved your goal? When setting goals think of words such as: how much, number of times, distance, lost, gained, how long, and so forth.

7.Focusing only on outcome goals: Generally people set outcome goals. They have a goal of winning the Olympics, of becoming a CEO of a multinational company, or getting the best mark in the class. This tremendous emphasis on winning can be destructive to your goal setting success.Outcome goals are somewhat out of your control. You cannot control another person’s ability or performance. The only thing you can control is your performance. So try to set goals that are less outcome based, and more focused on your own individual success

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