Studying is not so hard! Check out these Study Skills.

STUDY SKILLS  1.Study difficult (or boring) subjects first. If your chemistry problems put you to sleep, get to them first, while you are fresh. Save the subjects you enjoy for later - you’ll be more motivated to do those later on. With that chore out of the way, the rest of the day can be a breeze. [...]

Are you keeping an eye…. Your child is being bullied or is Bullying at school.

Bullying is a reality in school settings and has to be dealt with. The incidence of Bullying increases in the Teenage Stage. Types of Bullying Verbal Bullying includes making threats, name-calling ,saying mean things. Psychological Bullying is excluding from play, spreading rumors, making teenagers a topic of ridicule. Physical Bullying is intimidating through actual hitting, pushing, [...]

Why too much and unmonitored Internet usage for teenagers is not okay!

The cyber revolution is bringing  with it risks  through Desktop and laptop computers located at home, friend’s homes, work, libraries, stores, schools, Internet cafes, wireless connections, PDA/BlackBerry, Cell phones, Internet capable games (i.e., Xbox, Play station). These risks are huge and are everywhere in form of : Sexting which is the sending sexual messages, pictures, [...]

Don’t we often forget the 5 Facts about our Child’s Brain?

1. CHILDHOOD IS KEY. The brain makes the most connections among its cells before your child turns 10. This is also the time when he learns language best. 2. THE BRAIN BUILDS ITSELF BASED ON REPETITIVE SENSORY EXPERIENCES. The language portion of the brain is enhanced greatly by interaction with others because the brain can [...]

Why Harsh Discipline practices are not good for Children?

Harsh Discipline which involves hitting, spanking or verbal abuse should not be used under any circumstances. Children who are spanked, hit, or slapped are more prone to fighting with other children. They are more likely to be bullies and more likely to use aggression to solve disputes with others. These practices teach children to handle [...]

Are we stressing ourselves and our kids to memorize things that don’t really matter?

Most of us think that having a good memory is a trait that's outside of our control. But good memory is a skill and learning how to improve it can help you become a more creative and  innovative.The first step is changing the way you  think about your memory. Your memory isn't designed to remember [...]