Children need to be taught to not invite Failure……..

As parents and teachers we are forever worried about failure. We don’t want our kids failing ever. But we seldom consciously teach them to think about why failure happens. The words that children and people use every day decides whether they will meet failure or success. There are three words that very often show up in the conversation of losers, much more so than in that of winners.

1. Luck: It is true that unforeseen circumstances can effect results and outcomes but it is never luck that makes the difference. It is the events. Believing in luck centralizes our thoughts on an imaginary construct. This is something that is not in our and anybody’s circle of influence or change. The biggest problem is that luck is an excuse that explains away failure by believing that “It was just bad luck” and devalues our successes by thinking “It was just good luck”.

2. Hate: At school or at work, it’s usually something like: “I hate my teacher” or “I hate my studies”or “I hate my job.” Hate is a sick word, and it creates sickness inside us. Every time we use that word, we might as well be sticking a poisonous , infectious cell in our being. Polluting our brains by actually hating anything or anybody is a sure sign of failure.

3. But: The “buts” are everywhere, we all know somebody who can’t say anything about any idea, plan, or activity without high jacking the sentence with the word but. It’s always something like ” That’s a great idea, but…” or “I agree with you but…”, or “I want to work hard but”. It’s discouraging, and it kills the interest and passion.

A loser often and easily blames his or her inaction or failure on these words. Let’s teach our children to consciously not invite failure by these negative approaches.

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