Young Adult Literature- Are you aware what your children are reading?

“Pretty Little Liars “is the most happening book series for teens, hugely popular in U.S and catching up fast in India.


Please don’t go by the label- “Young Adult Book Series”.

Read the book review before you buy it for “YOUR TEENAGER”.


Parents need to know that this book features all kinds of bad behavior. One character hooks up with a teacher, another with her sister’s boyfriend. There’s bulimia, drunk driving, shoplifting, pranking, swearing, smoking — and the big secret: what happened to their best friend. This is the start of a series and also inspired a popular TV show.
Educational value: Well, it is reading. And perhaps if they like this series, teen readers will check out better girl-centered series, such asSisterhood of the Traveling Pants.
Positive messages: This is fluffy guilty-pleasure fare, with few surprises among either the character types or the plotting. Parents who read along will find plenty to cringe over. If there is a positive message here it is obscured by the sensationalist and materialistic plot.
Positive role models: These girls do all sorts of bad things: shoplift, drink and drive, steal boyfriends, starve (or throw up intentionally), etc.
Language: You’ll find all the big bad words — but not a lot of them.
Drinking, drugs, & smoking: Characters drink and smoke.

Decide if it is really something your twelve , thirteen or fourteen year old needs to fill his / her mind with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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