“Pitfalls of Parenting Teens”

• Teenagers have immense energy and loads of time to resist than you, as parents have to force your will on them. Don’t try to fight them, as you will lose for sure.
• Avoid the power struggles. Think hard. And let it go. Teenagers are young, strong and more powerful than you in their resolve. Your only weapon against that is the fact that you are an adult who has the authority on them because you are the parent and they are dependent on you.
• Don’t make statements and comments which will create friction and fuel unnecessary argument. Your teens are waiting to pick up a fight with you. Not because they want to because their hormones are pushing them to be erratic. Remain calm and unnerved.
• Don’t try to be your teen’s friends always, but be their parents. They have many friends but you are the only parent. Remember it is your guidance and support and not your friendship that they need desperately, even if their ego stops them from asking for the same.
• Keep vigil, stay involved. Counsel and counsel but don’t lecture. Stay clued on so that you know when something goes wrong.
• But don’t live your life worrying, fretting and waiting for things to go wrong in your teen’s life. Don’t keep expecting disasters, instead have faith. They will turn out fine.

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