Are you “A Teacher or THE TEACHER” who makes a Difference?

Teachers have awesome power, a power that eludes the most affluent and influential people in the world. The power you have as a teacher of shaping the future of coming generations is not available with the Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft, Managing Director of Google or the President of United States. They have immense power as they can develop the best software programs in the world, give a virtual internet world to us and run one of the world’s biggest and most developed economies. But even these high profile personnel do not have the power that you possess as a Teacher. Is that NOT a great enough reason to love your job?

Unfortunately despite the position the teaching profession commands, it is still not considered as one of the most sought after job in the entire world. Have you ever wondered why it is so? Maybe this perception comes from reasons behind people taking up this profession. Reasons like ”This suits me, I have time for home  and my own kids, lot’s of holidays”, ”I could not think of anything other job  that has so many privileges” or “ Anybody can teach, it requires not much expertise”.  How you are perceived is dependent on how much you believe in your own self. It’s your responsibility to feel significant in your job and see how your work contributes to the entire teaching and learning fraternity. Look into your heart and introspect on how much, you value yourself being a teacher. When somebody asks a teacher, “What is it that you do?” You hear many teachers answering casually, “I am just a school teacher”.  What is it that you can do as a teacher that others cannot do? Lot’s! Starting with influencing and motivating young minds and shaping personalities. You are the one who helps children recognize their capabilities, build self confidence and character and find their own place in the world. How come then you are just a teacher? Instead you are “THE TEACHER”, one of the most important people in a child’s life.

The secret of success of most of the achievers and successful people in this world is undying, all consuming passion for their work. They all have the same story to tell that since they love what they do, they give their hundred percent to their jobs. Success, money and respect follow as incidental gains for them. It makes a lot of sense and is not a difficult Life Mantra to follow especially when we all know the end result is mostly and undoubtedly only success. To make your children find out what makes them tick and what they are passionate about is one of the greatest challenges you have as a teacher. You came into these kids’ lives not just to be a part of their nursery or kindergarten curriculum deliverance mechanism. You are there with them for a higher purpose of making them reach their optimum potential. To help them see learning as a continuous life-long process and guiding them towards finding meaning of their lives and the world around them. Give them opportunities to explore their passions and find out what makes them tick right from primary school years.

Now the question that arises is – “Are you well enough and energized enough to take the responsibility of shaping the lives of so many children?”Because if you are not fond of learning and growing as a person, in love with life and your job, then it is indeed a daunting task. Children can see through your interest or disinterest in your job, your fatigue and your moods. If you are burnt out and teaching is something you are doing because there was nothing else to do, they’ll know. And you will be dragging yourself to work every day and feel the worthlessness creep into your life. Give yourself a fair chance to make your life interesting, take care of yourself, and find the secret of what makes you tick. Read, party, have fun and enjoy your power. You are not sitting in a software company with only computers to connect with. Instead your life is the live wire which carries the responsibility of keeping the fire burning in your children’s bellies.  Be one of those teachers who will be standing proud as mentors of the Great New World of Tomorrow.

Don’t just exist as “A Teacher” but strive and live to be “The Teacher” who makes the difference

Saakshi Kapoor Singla

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  1. Anuradha Sinha

    So true. In fact I would also like to mention that many a well meaning teachers are also losing interest in their job thinking they are not respected by their students. Every teacher should realise today that gone are the days when the teacher and a few library books were our only source of knowledge and hence the teacher was always kept at a pedestal. Today if the teacher comands respect due to knowledge she /he possesses, that is were she/he is mistaken. In the digital world knowledge is at every child’s finger tips. A teacher who understands this about her/his learner and focuses on teaching skills – of sifting, using and applying the sea of knowledge available rather teaching content, is definitely ‘ The Teacher’ who makes a difference..

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